Partners and Collaborations


Hop Pillows

Rockin' Hops pillows are here. A centuries old traditional remedy to help promote deep sleep. Thanks to School House Quilts for quality sewing at

Order Hop Pillows Here

Rockin' Beer Suds and Brooklyn Beer Soap

Make your morning shower Rockin! A win collaboration by Rockin' Hops and Cobble Hill Farm Apothecary Soap.  Cobble Hill Farm Apothecary Soap used many of their amazing oils and goats milk with Rockin' Hops (Hops and Homebrew). See link Cobble Hill Farms Beer Soap

Cobble Hill Farms beer soap

Excavating Needs

JG Contracting does more than set hop poles. Great quality precision work can stop a tractor on a dime. Contact Jim at 518-817-2051

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